Mary Parmer with Carla Baird, occupational therapist (left) and Isidro Garza, physical therapy assistant

After a stay in the hospital, Mary Parmer was experiencing edema, a swelling because of extra fluid in the body’s tissues, in her legs.


The edema made Parmer unable to walk and hampered her ability to take care of herself.


Parmer came to Alameda Oaks Nursing Center in Corpus Christi on March 30, 2017, for rehabilitation. She could not walk or transfer from one surface to another, and she needed total assistance to get dressed. She needed extensive assistance with bed mobility and grooming as well.


The physical and occupational therapy teams worked with Parmer on upper-body and lower-body exercises, using tools like the Biodex bicycle and the Omnicycle exercise machines.


“The therapists made me believe that I could walk again with a walker and use my limbs for all basic needs,” said Parmer. “I highly recommend Alameda Oaks.”


Parmer returned home on May 26 with home health care. She is now able to walk with moderate assistance and requires minimal assistance for transfers. She only needs supervision now for bed mobility, hygiene and dressing.