Glinda Minor arrived at Alameda Oaks Nursing Center in Corpus Christi, Texas during April 2016.


With a history of rheumatoid arthritis in multiple joints, she fell ill with pneumonia, which resulted in decreased strength, endurance and balance. The excessive weakness took its toll on her mobility in both legs and in her activities of daily living.


Therapists at the rehab and nursing center educated and instructed Minor on exercises and changes from sitting to standing and regaining her independence. She met with therapists six times a week to rebuild her strength, endurance and balance to rebuild her ability to take care of herself at home.


“Mrs. Minor gave her best every day during therapy and carried that drive and effort over into the rest of her day,” shared Dawn Tabor, occupational therapist assistant. “She was highly motivated, maintained a positive attitude and never gave up.”


Along the way, Minor benefitted from special exercise equipment like the OmniCycle™, a bicycle-like machine that “senses” varying levels of patient participation and provides powered assistance when needed and the Biodex BioStep® Semi-Recumbent Elliptical bike with resistance that incorporates both the upper and lower body into the cycling.


Minor also did gait training with a front-wheeled walker with a forearm platform attachment. The therapists allowed her to practice realistic situations by taking the equipment on even and uneven surfaces and up and down ramps outside the facility parking area.


“Glinda was always determined to go home, back to watering the garden and other household duties,” said Isidro Garza, physical therapist assistant. “She is a go-getter and always persistent.”


“Alameda Oaks helped me to improve my strength and endurance in my arms and legs,” shared Minor. “I came to get my strength back. I feel like we accomplished the goals for me to go home.”