Rene Smith (center) with Dawn Tabor, occupational therapist (left) and Owen Puno, physical therapist (right)

Osteo and rheumatoid arthritis had taken a toll on Patricia “Rene” Smith, to the point where she could no longer walk, stand up, sit down, bathe herself or get out of bed on her own.


Therapy made a world of difference for her.


On June 17, 2016, Smith came to Alameda Oaks Nursing Center in Corpus Christi for physical and occupational therapies in hopes they could help her get back to her normal life.


One of the first things the facility’s team of nurses and therapists addressed was Smith’s level of pain. They used shortwave diathermy and electrical stimulation to help reduce pain and inflammation.


Therapists met with Smith five days a week. The physical therapy team worked with her on rebuilding her strength, range of motion and balance. Using an elliptical bicycle helped, as well as progressively harder exercises designed to rebuild muscle strength and joint flexibility. The occupational therapy team retrained her in the life skills she would need to return home, such as hygiene, getting dressed and managing her medications.


It didn’t take long for Smith to see progress. Soon she was practicing her gait, walking up and down the halls with a walker and taking care of herself with minimal assistance.


Alameda Oaks has the nicest professional group of people, dedicated to making you well and whole,” said Smith. “This is their passion.”


The therapists credit Smith’s tenacity for her progress.


“She is a very determined and goal-oriented patient, which gave us a chance to attain swift recovery in aspects such as balance, leg strength, coordination and walking safely with minimal use of an assistive device,” said Owen Puno, physical therapist.


On June 25, Smith returned home with a customized home exercise program so she can stay well and continue to enjoy life.


For more information about rehabilitation services at Alameda Oaks Nursing Center, please call (361) 882-2711.